BOTO The Pink Dolphin 2 – A Fun Mobile Underwater Educational

BOTO the Pink Dolphin 2 is a new game from the established educational makers of “BOTO the Pink Dolphin”. BOTO 2 has been updated with new and interesting games for young children to play and learn with. The app plays like a children’s animated ebook with the option to have a multilingual voice over, or to have the children read by themselves for practice. In addition to the story, BOTO has been integrated with several fun educational activities for children to learn and grow from and a unique parental feedback system to track children’s progress through various activities.


Many of the cute characters that made “BOTO the Pink Dolphin” such a success in the first place are back and improved in the second game, fully titled “BOTO the Pink Dolpin, Shark the Pirate and Crystals”. As the characters in the story encounter new adventures, children can share in their experiences and feel like they are participating directly in the story. The game is multi-lingual, and includes not only support for English, but also Japanese and Korean as well so that children can learn foreign languages too! This is an excellent opportunity to give children valuable natural exposure to the different sounds in foreign languages.

The activities in BOTO the Pink Dolphin 2 are based on a unique six stage learning system developed by the Children Creativity Institute that is designed to teach children several key developmental skills such as fluency, flexibility, sensitivity (EQ, or “Emotional Intelligence Quotient”), sophistication, originality, and so on.

Specifically, some of the activities included in the games include silhouette matching, puzzles, comparison games, logic puzzles, drawing activities, and quick and fun reflex games. The wide variety of things to do in the program will ensure that children will remain interested enough to continue and learn throughout the whole story from beginning to end. Each of the activities within the app are simple enough for children to quickly grasp the purpose of and to do, but at the same time the activities are challenging enough to stimulate creativity and development.


All in all, BOTO the Pink Dolphin, and its sequel are great games for developing a child’s confidence in reading, listening, foreign language exposure, and creativity. The company, which produces the game, Creative Bomb, is very active and has very recently updated the app. BOTO is widely compatible with iPad, iPhones, and android OSs. If you have any interest in educational programs and apps for young children, BOTO the Pink Dolphin 2 is highly recommended and will leave you satisfied and your children entertained (while being educated!).

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