How to motivate your kids to exercise?

We the parents should do everything they can to motivate kids to be active and play as much as possible. The best way is to set a good example by exercising and being active ourselves. That will give them the confidence to embrace working out and being active in their daily routines. We should spend time with them playing and having fun while doing it. You can do all sorts of activities outside and inside the house.


We have to do our best to maximize the time our kids spend outside. It’s the most important thing parents can do to motivate kids to exercise. When kids are outside they naturally become more active and move around more than inside. Being outside and active is definitely a better way to encourage kids to exercise than a formal exercise environment. What can we do outside? Basically anything that includes moving and having fun, but don`t forget to take a walk, climb a tree, walk the dog, go roller-skating, throw a Frisbee, go bicycling, play with the sand, blow bubbles, jump a rope, play football and so on. But don`t forget kids should also play independently. That gives them the experience and knowledge to solve problems, resolve conflicts and also express themselves.

When spending time with our kids indoors, we shouldn’t forget to do things like dancing, playing seek and hide, easy ball games, treasure hunts, hot potato, indoor bowling (a great way to reuse water bottles), ball in a box, obstacle course etc.

Since the possibilities indoors are limited, especially when the weather outside is bad, we suggest playing Yuvi – Story Aerobics for Kids. The innovative approach to kids exercise is fun and will help you and your kids to stay active at home. Try it, it`s free.

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